You are currently viewing M/V AFOVOS was the first Dry Bulk carrier certified by Green Award

M/V AFOVOS was the first Dry Bulk carrier certified by Green Award

June 2008

Green Award is a quality mark for ships that demonstrate high safety and environmental standards. 

The objective of the Green Award certification scheme is to promote the safe and environmentally friendly behavior of ship and crew/management, mainly by achieving international acceptance, recognition, regulation and coordination of the “Green Award” Certification, all in observance of (inter)national conventions, legislation and developments in the area of ship lay-out, equipment, crew, operations and management. 

The Green Award Requirements address issues related to quality, safety and environment and pay extra attention to crew elements. The Green Award Foundation is active all over the world with the certification scheme for dry bulk carriers and oil tankers that go above and beyond the set standards in cleanliness and safety. All efforts are made to benefit the marine environment, including cleaner seas. Efforts and benefits are also key issues for the ship owners. Admitted, it is quite an effort to meet the stringent Green Award requirements. But once certified and proven to be more environmentally friendly, the ship owners reap various benefits like: 

• Discount on port dues 

• Charter preference 

• Continuous improvement 

• Lower costs 

• Lower insurance premiums 

• Acceptation by PSC / vetting inspections 

• Quality more visible 

• Better image 

• Motivation and pride of crew 

• Less incidents