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AHEPAN of the year – Katerini



A maximum distinction with a double award accompanied the participation of “AHEPA Maritime Chapter St ‘Nicholas” at the 23rd National Conference of the  AHEPA 51 Organizations of Greece, held on the 17th and the 18th of June in Katerini, where I had the great honor to receive two awards:

–    The “AHEPAN OF THE YEAR” award for my Presidency of the” AHEPA Maritime Chapter St ‘Nicholas” from May 30 2021 until today, as well as the

–   ” CHAPTER OF THE YEAR “award for the newly formed “AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St’ Nicholas” Chapter, which I lead.

These awards are the fruits of the rich social and charitable actions of our Chapter which have reached the number of 23 and bore the stamp of our quality and anthropocentric approach. They are also the result of the people who constitute “AHEPA Maritime St ‘Nicholas”, that is the size of our Group, which initially commenced with 30 members and reached 290 active members within a year, highlighting the Maritime Chapter as the most populous, not only in Greece but in all of Europe.

However, our success is not only due to the numerical superiority of our members, but it is also due to the quality composition of our Team and the capacities of the people involved.

It is my pleasure to include exquisite and distinguished persons of our society in the Chapter that I lead, people possessed by the warmth of offering and solidarity, fellow citizens with important positions in the fields of science and entrepreneurship, prominent personalities and distinguished professionals in the field of Shipping and the global business environment, all with a lustrous ethos and desire for creation and social contribution.

It should also be noted, that the participation of the “Maritime Chapter St ‘Nicholas” in the Panhellenic Conference of AHEPA was met with a large delegation of Brothers, who took an active part in the proceedings of the Conference.

The promotion of three Brothers of our Chapter in honorary roles was of significant importance for the functionality of “AHEPA Maritime St ‘Nicholas”. Specifically, during the Conference, the 2nd Vice President of “Maritime Chapter St ‘Nicholas”, Mr. Dionysios Politis, was elected Vice President of Education of AHEPA HELLAS for the year 2022-2023. Also, our 1st Vice President, Mr. Lambros Chahalis, was elected a member of the Audit Committee for 2022-2023. Finally, the Secretary of our Chapter, Mr. George Tzanetis, was appointed General Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the Conference.

This symbolic reward which signals our community’s emphasis on noble rivalry and fellowship, evokes great emotion, great joy and moral commitment to the next important social goals for the members of our Organization and to me personally.

A warm thank you to the Governor of AHEPA HELLAS, Mr. Konstantinos Varsamis, and to all Conference participants for their trust in me and for rewarding the work of our dynamic Team. The recognition of the rich and multidimensional work that we performed during just one year from our initial formation by all, is another motivation to set the bar of our actions even higher.

Personally, during this time I have been faithfully committed to the observance of all those which I have pledged to serve, through my role as President, with morals, dignity and respect. My sole goal has always been and is always about continuous improvement, progress and Excellence. And, as in my every endeavor as a Man and as a Global Shipping executive, similarly in this endeavor I sought to inspire my team with ambitious visions and guide them in actions of importance, setting myself as an example with my personal attitude and purpose.

To me and to my companion Brothers at the “AHEPA Maritime Chapter St ‘Nicholas”, this double award holds a double responsibility and for this reason we will give our best to serve the noble humanitarian ideals of AHEPA, which as their quintessence include offering, solidarity and charity.

We continue the upward course of our contribution to support society!