You are currently viewing A “Dance” of offer and further upgrade of this historic city and well-known port of Attica, by our Maritime Chapter

A “Dance” of offer and further upgrade of this historic city and well-known port of Attica, by our Maritime Chapter


Yesterday 29/12/2021, the AHEPA Maritime chapter “St’ Nicholas” offered 11 tons of food to 350 families of Lavrio and the wider Municipality of Lavreotiki, spent a day in the area from early in the morning where the collection of items began, until late in the afternoon when their distribution to the beneficiaries was completed. An extremely moving and unique moment where we proved in practice what is the primary mission of our team, rewarded with a smile by these people. 

A warm thank you, at this point, both to the companies that responded immediately to our call for food as well to many of our members for their kind contributions.

Following the above, the President of the Chapter, Mr. Mattheou Dimitrios together with the Mayor of Lavreotiki Mr. Dimitris Loukas agreed to sign a memorandum of cooperation, which includes the following actions:

·         The creation of a Naval Museum in a two-storey neoclassical building in the central square of Lavrio that will be granted by the Municipality of Lavreotiki and will be renovated by our team along with the kind contribution of the Municipality, while it will be equipped with a large number of naval exhibits offered by members of our team and private donors who have already expressed their desire to contribute to the creation of this museum. The museum will be named AHEPA Maritime Chapter “St’ Nicholas” and will host various cultural activities.

·         The promotion of an Ancient Mines Stoa with the appropriate interventions by the AHEPA Maritime Chapter “St ‘Nicholas”, in order to make it safe and accessible to citizens who wish to know about the underground wealth of historic Lavreotiki.

·         Numerous actions and workshops that will follow, aiming at the promotion of the port of Lavrio and the Municipality of Lavreotiki in general. Another main goal will be our effort to make the young people of this historic Municipality love the sea, and why not cause many of them to follow the maritime profession to become ambassadors in the promotion of shipping, and thus attract more young people to career in our great Greek Shipping sector.

·         The naming of a street in the city of Lavrio that will bear the name of our chapter.

The majestic ceremony of the memorandum signing, the inauguration of the Naval Museum as well as the naming of the street will take place immediately after the completion of the works and equipping of the museum, in the spring of 2022, on a date which is to be announced at a later time.

 The contribution to the synergies both with the Municipality of Lavreotiki and with other Municipalities will be essential, with an impact on their societies and further development of each Municipality, starting from Lavrio, which can certainly be set as the ground for important work.

 A big thank you to the visionary mayor of Lavreotiki and friend Dimitris Loukas for his full contribution to the realization of this great project.