On Sunday, May 30, 2021, a reception was held in pomp and circumstance in the roof garden of the Athenian Club within the framework of the inauguration of the President and the first members of the newly established AHEPA chapter under the name of ‘AHEPA MARITIME CHAPTER HJ-45 ST’NICHOLAS’.

Among the official guests, the ceremony honored with their presence, the Governor of AHEPA HELLAS Mr. Konstantinos Varsamis, the former Governor Mr. Vassilis Petkidis, the Deputy Governor Mr. Christos Karapiperis, the Vice President of Social Responsibility of AHEPA HELLAS Mr. Christos Bakouros , the Vice President of Charity Mr. Argyris Tsounakis and the President of Chapter Piraeus Mr. Politis Dionysis.

The inaugural Prayer was followed by the swearing in of the President of the new Chapter, Mr. Dimitrios Mattheou, who initially addressed his sincere thanks to the Governor and the members of AHEPA Hellas for the honorary assignment of the position of President of the new Maritime Chapter of AHEPA and he offered his commitment to serve his new position with ethos, dignity and respect. Mr. Mattheou stated: “My sole goal is continuous development. My sole orientation is Excellence. And as in any of my endeavors, as a Man and as a Professional and Executive member of the Global Shipping, I will seek to lead my new team with my ambitious vision and to inspire my people – primarily – with my own actions ».

Mr. Mattheou warmly welcomed the new members and set the goals of the department, drawing attention to the vision and mission of AHEPA as well as the objectives of the newly established department. Specifically, he stated: “AHEPA reflects the ideals of ancient Greece: charity, education, civil liability, family and individual excellence with reference to society. Although the majority of members are American citizens – of Greek descent – the application form is open to anyone who believes in the mission of the organization. And the mission of the AHEPA family, allow me to say, is sacred;   every action and every project of the association aims at the promotion of Hellenism and Greece, our real Hellas “.

The new President pledged to take all necessary steps for the development, expansion, efficient operation and welfare of Chapter St. Nicholas. Concluding, he stated: “My main goal is to create a well-structured organization of the Chapter utilizing the talents, experiences and knowledge of the members and officials of the Chapter. Proper management of people and cultivation of team spirit will be the keys to the successful course of this Chapter “.

Thereupon was held the swearing in of the 45 new members of the department, all prominent personalities and distinguished professionals of the global Shipping and the general world business environment.

The Governor of AHEPA, Mr. Konstantinos Varsamis, addressed a greeting, reviewing the acts of unconditional giving of AHEPA to people both in Greece and worldwide.

 A hearty meal -along with the presence of the closed family escorts of the members of the Association – was later served while enjoying the magnificent view of the Acropolis and the Lycabettus. The event complied with all the measures set by the government for protection against corona virus.