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SetelHellas Is a New Incentive Provider of Green Award


The handover of the Green Award board ceremony was conducted on Tuesday, the 07th of June, 2016 at SetelHellas’ stand, No 1.120, Hall 1 at Posidonia Exhibition. During the ceremony, SetelHellas officially became a new incentive provider of Green Award.

SetelHellas S.A. has previously announced an exceptional financial incentive for ships and ship managers that are holders of the Green Award certificate. Green Award is a quality mark and a platform for all industry stakeholders striving for excellence and implementation of CSR principles in shipping. Discount up to 10% on maritime-related ICT solutions comes into force on the 7th of June.

SetelHellas is an international provider of market leading ICT solutions specially designed for the maritime and offshore vertical businesses. In order to promote environmentally-friendly approach and the highest safety and quality standards, SetelHellas has decided to join the Green Award scheme – a platform for cross-sectoral cooperation of the shipping industry. Green Award audits and certifies ships and ship managers that go beyond statutory regulations in terms of safety, quality and environmental-friendly behavior. The Green Award scheme provides ports, maritime service providers and organizations with a tool to identify the safest performing ships, to lower risk of incidents and to implement their Corporate Social Responsibility principles.

Green Award certified ships and companies are entitled to a discount over the official price list on the following product catalogue: 5% on SmartBox-V™, SeeMBox-V Remote Monitoring solution and 5% on Maritime Telemedicine Solution (MTS) and a 10% discount on SeeMBox-V MRV Co2 emissions Monitoring & Reporting as per EU.

Captain Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman of the Green Award Foundation, together with Jan Fransen, Executive Director of the Green Award Foundation, presented a Green Award plaque to Mr. George Marinakis, Managing Director of SetelHellas S.A and congratulated SetelHellas on becoming a Green Award incentive provider. 

“IT solutions are an integral part of the today’s maritime business,” commented the Green Award’s chairman. “The products designed by SetelHellas contribute to the efficiency of daily operations and include ship and shore communication interface, ship performance monitoring tools including MRV application, and a remote medical solution. We are pleased that Green Award certificate holders can benefit from discounts on these products.”

George Marinakis, SetelHellas’ Managing Director, commented: “We, at SetelHellas, are very proud to participate in this initiative. We are committed to provide value-added maritime solutions able to strategically assist shipping companies to succeed in Environmental Compliance in the best possible way! In this light, SetelHellas has developed its SH-Suite with the power to support the most efficient, secure and eco-friendly operation of smart ships, allowing the marine industry to meet the challenges of today and position itself for better growth and margins in the years to come”.

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