2021 – The dawn of a Revolution in Shipping: Cultivating Six Multiple Intelligences : ARCADIA MAGAZINE



By Capt. Dimitrios Mattheou, Chief Executive Officer, Arcadia Shipmanagement Co Ltd.

2020 does not need any introduction. It was a year characterized by a dynamic and constant instability; a disruption of the world market, economic shifts, socio-political tensions – an unprecedented confluence of events and, of course, the pandemic; a crisis that caused a global “silence”. Α severe crisis, however, never go to waste. A crisis should be considered an opportunity for a massive reconstruction that requires drastic actions. The most powerful enemy at this stage is inertia; the human tendency to stay inactive. On the threshold of the New Year, the leaders of the world must immediately prepare their organizations and people for a dramatically and resounding wavering future that begins today, at the dawn of 2021.

The seeds of a previously unimagined future The world is heading into a striking Change. Shipping and seaman are the first to feel the winds of change. For centuries man has been roaming the world’s oceans on various forms of ships and seafaring was a daring venture, undertaken by hard men with soft skills; men who had a clear vision, a great courage and well -developed interpersonal skills that enabled them to successfully manage the voyage and of course survive. This inner urge has been offering us, through time, an excitement as we achieve things we once thought not achievable.