ARCADIA SHIPMANAGEMENT is presented in global Shipping with the OUTSTANDING PSC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for 2018

On the 4th of June 2019, ARCADIA SHIPMANAGEMENT was honored with the 2018 OUTSTANDING PSC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD by the American Classification Society (ABS) for achieving the best Port State performance in 2018 worldwide. The award ceremony was held at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), where Christopher J. Wiernicki Chairman, President and CEO of ABS, delivered the prestigious award to Mr. George Angelopoulos.

LtR: Dimitrios Mattheou CEO Arcadia Shipmanagement / Chairman Green Award Foundation | Panagiotis Angelopoulos | Christopher J. Wiernicki Chairman, President and CEO of ABS | George Angelopoulos

During the year 2018, thirty four (34) inspections were carried out on the fleet vessels of the company by PSC officers in various ports of the world. These inspections have resulted to ZERO detentions and the FEWEST number of deficiencies compared to any other shipping company. In particular, ARCADIA achieved a remarkable performance with 0.058 observations per PSC control. It is noteworthy that for the first time ABS awarded this prestigious prize to a shipping company as an unprecedented achievement setting a significant milestone both in the history of Arcadia and in the history of global shipping.

During this ceremony Mr. Wiernicki noted: “We are honored to partner with companies like Arcadia Shipmanagement that are also distinguished in safety and tonight we are delighted to present them this outstanding Port State Control achievement award for their exceptional performance during 2018. This is the best port state performance globally for a ship management company operating a fleet of this size. This performance demonstrates the strong correlation between embracing a strong safety culture and achieving world class performance. This type of success is a team sport and driven by a strong commitment and tone from the top.”

LtR: Christopher J. Wiernicki Chairman, President and CEO of ABS | George Angelopoulos

In Arcadia we feel very proud of the strong commitment and hard work performed by all our personnel -on board and ashore- oriented by high expectations that deliver momentous achievements, such as this Award.

Mr. George Angelopoulos received the award on behalf of Arcadia and after thanking ABS he added: «Henry Ford said ‘Quality means doing it right when no one is looking’. For 20 years our company has been committed to provide impeccable ship-management for tanker vessels. We are very grateful when someone does look to confirm what we continually aspire to in the management of our ships. I would like to thank the leading team of Arcadia and express my appreciation to all of our people for their passion, professionalism and seamanship that made ARCADIA a success story.”.

Capt. Dimitrios Matthaiou, CEO of ARCADIA SHIPMANAGEMENT commented: “All our people contribute in a great extend with their inexhaustible passion, high professionalism and value seamanship to the success, continuous evolution of Arcadia maintaining –within time- the highest pedestal as a world shipping leader that has managed to deliver the best Port State control performance. This prestigious prize awarded by ABS, sets one more significant milestone in the history of Arcadia. We are extremely grateful to have such a competent, giving and dedicated crew. Being fully aware of our responsibilities, while using our corporate skills as are our powerful weapons, we prevent upcoming threats, we anticipate risks and eliminate obstacles. We look to the future, regardless the hardships of times, with high optimism and sincere respect to the same values ​​and ideals that built up ​​the Greek maritime tradition, focusing with devotion on the quality, safety and environmental protection driven by our leadership and applied through our operating management system performed by our valuable people. We promise that Arcadia spirit will continue to live up to opportunities and make the most of our human capital for safer Shipping oriented to Excellence!”