Arcadia Shipmanagement receives SAFETY4SEA Tanker Operator Award| Dimitrios Mattheou acceptance speech

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am extremely honoured to be receiving such a prestigious award!

Arcadia team and I personally, are earnestly grateful for the recognition we have received for demonstrating safety excellence and performance above average in the maritime activity as a Tanker Operator.

However, I am very sure that every other nominee for this award was as capable of winning. Therefore, on behalf of the board of Directors, Management and staff of ARCADIA SHIPMANAGEMENT it is more of an obligation to address a sincere THANK YOU to the people, the professionals of the Shipping Industry who expressed their trust in Arcadia with their vote.

At this point, I would like us all to acknowledge and pay tribute to the backbone and the stylobates of Arcadia,

Mr. KONSTANTINOS ANGELOPOULOS and his sons -PANAGIOTIS AND GIORGOS- for their clear and creative vision and their continuous support for the achievement of our corporate goals. I myself am witnessing the dynamics that characterizes these three highly respected personalities of Shipping; I have been privileged to serve Arcadia for more than 15 years, and as a CEO I feel we have achieved a great deal together as a team by carrying out our vision; a dynamic efficient and competitive Company that is able to provide the highest quality ship management service, committed to the protection of the environment, the prevention of injury and ill health, the security and safety of all employees both ashore and onboard ships. ARCADIA as a leading shipping company provides safe and reliable transportation of oil by sea, through a modern fleet, with top priorities set on achieving excellence over safety, quality and environmental protection. Company’s dedicated efforts to increase the safety onboard, have resulted to top rated Vetting and PSC results, prefixing a significant quality indicator.

However, everything starts and ends in our people; our human capital. In Arcadia we are based on our values and principles to design our theoretical framework and put our employees into action; both our seafarers and shore based employees. We are people-focused and forward –thinking shipping leaders who continuously invest in the human capacity, rectify human defects and inspire human nobility in order to develop a high-performing organisation.

Our values and principles are excellence in service, through innovation, by people who care while the successful growth of our company is the direct result of these people. It is a win-win relationship after all.

We invest in our employees’ talents and skills and in return we have gained their utmost respect and engagement in cultivating and achieving excellence at all levels.  But, above all we invest mainly in Greeks; we invest in seafarers gifted with a mind and a soul that highlights Greece, the country that ‘gave birth’ to shipping.

The dedication and discipline of our people, and please allow me at this point to exalt our seafarers,  who despite giving their own personal battle in order to be able to withstand the harsh conditions on board,  they serve as a vital link in the chain which drives our day-to-day operation effectively and efficiently.

Together, we have established an ongoing commitment that gains more power and value over time and ensures a bright and successful future together as a team! Proof of this, is the dedication and commitment of more than 60 employees that have reached a significant service milestone of 18, 15 and 10 years in Arcadia. In recognition of that commitment, we were very pleased to present our priceless list of their long service milestone in our latest issue of our corporate magazine, ARCADIA COMPASS. A small token of appreciation for the part these people have played in making the company what is today.

So, today is a very important day for us and marks a significant milestone in our Arcadian path! The Tanker Operator Award demonstrates an international recognition of our conformance to a world-class quality standard and provides concrete evidence of our dedication to excellence in the provision of our services.

We thank you for gracing us with your presence in this celebration and sharing these priceless moments with us. On behalf of Arcadia, and as a Captain who co-holds the helm of the company, we wish to assure you that ARCADIA SHIPMANAGEMENT is fully committed to honor this award in practice.

As a Greek company originating from a nation that keeps the position of the leading country of Shipping and the native country of Seamen, we will intensify our efforts to continue sharing our maritime knowledge and culture, our passion and inexhaustible energy for continuous evolution and excellence, but above all, as Arcadians, to keep leading through our vision and inspiring through our actions the Global Shipping.