Human capital and organizational performance: the Link to Success| COMPASS Editorial by Captain Mattheou Dimitrios


-Editorial- By Captain Mattheou Dimitrios

Human capital and organizational performance: the Link to Success

The value of a business is a function of how well the human capital is managed. In Arcadia, we highly consider the human factor as one of the most valuable assets in our dynamic and ambitious organization. Moreover, we are fully aware that there is a large and growing body of evidence that demonstrates a positive linkage between the development of our human capital and our organisational performance.

Consequently, we need to leverage -in a constant base- the skills and abilities of our people, by encouraging both individual and organizational learning, and by creating a supportive environment where knowledge can be created, shared and, above all, implemented.

In Arcadia, our primary role is to synthesize the available resources of the organization and to integrate them into a process that leads to the creation of true value for the stakeholders and to a sustainable competitive advantage for the organization itself; it is this successful process that has actually developed and placed Arcadia in a leading position in the shipping industry.

Being more specific, the link between our human capital and Arcadia’s performance is achieved through our:

  • organisational and reporting structures
  • operating systems, processes, procedures and task designs
  • information and communication infrastructures
  • resource acquisition, development and allocation systems
  • decision processes and information flows
  • incentives, controls and performance measurement systems
  • organisational culture, values and leadership

The interactions between the above dimensions are particularly important in order for employees to have the motivation to develop and utilise their skills, experience and knowledge. Beginning with the last issues first, the culture, values and leadership of our organisation has a large impact on both recruitment and retention as well as in the area of generating commitment and excellence. We consider people multi dimensional and we are committed to engage & develop them as overall personalities. However, best practices, tested and applied to competitive, demanding, critical working environments such ours, encourage the skills and abilities of our people and therefore require high as well as sustained investment in Training.


Arcadia’s innovative Training system help along our organization to vastly:

  • improve our Management (selection, assessment & empowerment)
  • encourage self-regulation
  • promote continuous improvement

Our training empowerment and development programs involve experiential learning led by senior professionals, qualified coaches and experienced trainers and ample opportunity to practice and put the skills into use.

In Arcadia, we are people oriented aiming to continuous Renewal, Growth and Excellence. We encourage group bonding, we improve effective communication between our people and we motivate their productivity & efficiency by rewarding them in various ways.


Our Human Capital reflects to our effective Leadership; it is our Link to Success.