Merchant Marine Academy of Macedonia: 50 years of significant contribution in maritime education


I have the honour and the privilege to be frequently invited by Faculties and Educational Institutions in their graduation ceremonies. However, each time is a unique moment that causes me special emotions and a profound sense of responsibility for the words I address to the graduates.

On Friday, July 13th, 2018 was a day dedicated to the young people who graduated successfully from the Merchant Marine Academy of Macedonia. This year actually marks the 50th anniversary since the establishment of the School of Engineering in Michaniona.

Lt R: Achilleas Matsagos |Admiral of the Coast Guard i.r, Leonidas Dimitriadis- Eugenides |Eugenidou Foundation, Dimitrios Matthaiou CΕΟ of Arcadia Shipmanagement & Aegean Bulk, capt. Antonios Marinakis | Pan-Hellenic Union of Maters



It was the day that along with their Professors, the honorable colleagues from the shipping industry and the official guests we awarded this new generation of seafarers and we applauded their labors, sacrifices and efforts they have made over the years during their studies. My warmest congratulations on the time they invested and the success of their graduation.

                                      LtR: Dimitrios Matthaiou CEO of Arcadia Shipmanagement & Aegean Bulk, Dimitrios Gourgoulis |Professor at Merchant Marine Academy of Macedonia, Michaniona School of Engineering, Ilias G. Bissias | Director of Naftika Chronika magazine

Dimitrios Matthaiou CEO of Arcadia Shipmanagement & Aegean Bulk with Dimitrios Gourgoulis |Professor at Merchant Marine Academy of Macedonia, Michaniona School of Engineering


During my speech, I considered important – as a seafarer myself – to refer to three phrases that I wish graduates to keep deeply in their memory and become for them a compass oriented to success and excellence throughout their lives:

1.            Το Lead with VISION. Το οpen their sails  to one direction marked by their dreams, their goals, their wishes. To place the bar high and avoid compromise with mediocrity because it is a bad counselor. To give their soul and their whole being to whatever they choose to do. To work with aesthetic  and pleasure in order to achieve perfection in their work

2.            To Excel with KNOWLEDGE. Education and virtue lead people to an honest life but above all to an excellent life, rich in moments of success, appreciation and evolution. Excellence, however, is an art that is conquered only by knowledge and experience.

They need to develop their skills and talents; they must study hard, gain power through knowledge and dominate over the ignorant and mainly against sciolists. They must remember that we are what we repeatedly do, and they must ensure that excellence is not an act, but a habit that will give them the power to change the world.

3.            To Inspire with ACTS, because it is the only way to gain the respect from people and especially from themselves. To take risk and manage changes, to make the most of the opportunities they are given, to increase available resources, to design plans and next steps. Never remain inactive, stagnant and complacent. Their life must be full of action, their spirit must be always vigilant and their soul constantly anxious.

At this point I would like to warmly thank my friend Ilia G. Bissia, Director of Naftika Chronika and, for the successful media coverage of the event. Please read his full article in here