Making a new Leap in Shipping| COMPASS Editorial by Captain Mattheou Dimitrios


-Editorial- By Captain Mattheou Dimitrios

Making a new Leap in Shipping

Arcadia Shipmanagement Co Ltd. was established in Athens in 1998 with a clear strategic goal: “To be the leading quality player in the Tanker industry, through the quality of our people, ships and practices’’. Today, while celebrating 20 years of absolute reliability, transparency, professionalism, high quality services, environmental and safety culture within Maritime, we are proud to launch our new achievement; COMPASS.

Compass is our new commitment to the Shipping Industry and to our people. An experiential reading, that aims to provide integrated information and knowledge. A new investment to the maritime society, with a continuous orientation and a constant focus on our three valuable pillars: People, Ships and Practices.

Regarding Ships and Practices, many are the upcoming challenges that we need to manage. Starting with the new IMO environmental regulation – the fuel Sulphur global cap in 2020, according to which Sulfur limits for bunker fuels worldwide, will drop from 3.5% to 0.5% starting on 01/01/2020, followed by the compliance with the Ballast Water Management Convention which entered into force in September 2017, by which vessels need to be retrofitted with ballast water treatment systems. Furthermore, the certification of Arcadia to Cyber Security and ISO 27001, in order to safeguard Head Office and fleet vessels from current and emerging cyber-threats and vulnerabilities, the digitalization and big data management and the ever challenging freight market conditions.

However, People and more specifically, the Company’s human element remains the cornerstone in Arcadia’s history. Arcadia, as a Leading shipping company, encourages consistency and sustainability through its people for the last 20 years. We possess a realistic picture of our human capacity and continually develop and protect our workplace and ethic culture. Company’s objectives, would not have been met, if it was to do without its “family”.

The “Zero incidents / Zero spills / Zero delays” target, is achievable by protecting all personnel from injuries and damages to health, by undertaking all duties safely and without putting the environment into risk and by maintaining the highest HSQE, operational and technical standards for our vessels.

As a CEO of Arcadia and being part of this executive dream team for the last 15 years, I feel very proud of our successful and upward course in the Maritime sector and the milestones of excellence we have recorded. We have managed to effectively converse with our stakeholders, build professional business relationships and accomplish our Company’s objectives. Our strong leadership qualities are imperative to running any team at the highest possible level.

We remain fully committed to the goals of eliminating any risks of human injury or loss of life, ensuring the welfare of employees and the avoidance of any adverse impact on the environment and to the properties involved. We constantly provide HSQE friendly and fully applicable practices, towards a safe working environment. We establish safeguards, against all identified risks and we ensure compliance with rules, regulations and legislation, taking into account every applicable code and standard. By communicating Company’s policies to all employees and contractors, we continuously monitor and improve the SMS effectiveness, we review and evaluate the skills and the competence of our staff, being loyal to our social and corporate responsibility.

We strive to motivate and promote an active safety culture throughout our organization, by maintaining the high status of our professional behaviour and by introducing new challenges for Company’s employees and by implementing initiatives, fully supported by the Senior Management. Everyone into our organization, is committed to undertake a personal, responsible, active and constructive role, in the drive towards flawless, efficient, competitive and customer-satisfaction focused operations.

We continually learn tools and techniques for cultivating and maintaining effective and productive teams, keeping them motivated and efficient through the entire business process. We are proudly focused on the Human Factor and Behavioural Safety and promote a competence management system as a way for assessing crew competence, training requirements and managing from the crew selection process up to promotions. We aim to attract the best professionals in our field and to create, through our pool of employees and trainees, efficient, qualified, motivated and well prepared professionals, in order to manage and operate the fleet. By managing our team in a framework of mutual understanding and responsibility, we are seeking to create an excellent spirit of cooperation among individuals on board and ashore, maintaining the highest standards for the operation of our Company.

Finally, towards safety improvement, we introduce team safety targets, supervisory leadership and safety leadership and team-building training. We co-operate with educational and industry bodies, equipment manufacturers and Oil Majors, towards improvements and optimizations. We participate in R&D programs co-operating with Universities, so as to develop proposals and solutions towards an incident-free and environmental friendlier shipping industry. We take part at technical committees, where amendments to the rules and technological solutions are extrapolated. We actively participate and cooperate in national and international society forums and workshops, promoting knowledge, experience-sharing and acting to the benefit of our industry.

So, let our new venture COMPASS, be your navigation tool, in this marvelous ‘aquatic’ world of continuous learning, evolution and excellence. Enjoy the voyage!