Green4Sea Leadership Award

Speech for Green4Sea Leadership Award Winner

Today, it is my great honour and pleasure to introduce the Green4Sea Leadership Award Winner.

This award honours a third-generation ship-owner, a Naval Architect, a shipping-minded individual who is dedicated to the growth and vitality of our maritime community. He is a passionate about a cause, work tirelessly for the greater good and inspire others to become involved and committed to the same goals towards safer shipping and environmental sustainability.

The very deserving winner this year is Dr. Georgios Gratsos.

Having an origin from the island of Odysseus, the island of Ithaca, and as a descendant of this resourceful traveller and explorer, he continues deservedly his own maritime successful route through critical positions, as a President of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping, as a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the Union of Greek Ship-owners, as a President of the Maritime Safety and Marine Environment Protection Committee of the UGS and as a current Chairman of HELMEPA.

Allow me to share his words from one of his speeches during the Greek Merchant Marine Day: “The Greek Merchant Navy is a creation of the Greek business genius mind combined with the seamanship of Greek mariners.”

This is a great truth, Mr. George Gratso, and also a legacy for the future and a value that must be safeguarded by the next generations of seafarers.

With great pride and honour, I am pleased to present the Leadership Award to you and thank you for your excellent performance and your significant contribution to enhancing the quality and safety of the shipping industry.

So, Mr. Gratso, please come and receive your so well deserved prize.


Dimitris Mattheou