Athens 2018 STS Forum

Opening Speech

Dear Mr Glykas, Mr Perissakis, distinguished Guests and Forum speakers, Ladies and Gentelmen,

As the Managing Director of ARCADIA Shipmanagement, I have an overall view of Dynamarine’s high level of service. Therefore, I am very pleased to be present here today, and have the honor to stand on this floor with this opening speech and announce the launch of Athens 2018 STS Forum.

Dynamarine’s initiative to organize successful STS forums since 2011 testifies -above all- the Company’s commitment to safety and environmental protection during STS operations. This commitment is being implemented in a professional and thorough manner, while providing valuable support, know-how and a high level of service at the same time. Furthermore, the growing number of operations undertaken by STS worldwide has a positive impact on Tanker Operators, who benefit greatly from this particular initiative and the ones who follow.

Speaking as the Chairman of the Green Award Foundation, where Dynamarine is an incentive provider, I can assure you that STS operation safety standards and the preparation of their vessels and crews to carry out successful and incident-free operations are extremely high and comply fully with the standards and criteria of the Green Award.

Crew competency is evaluated into the Green Award ship-survey, through their awareness of the policies and applicable procedures that the Shipping Company has established, their knowledge of the Industry guidelines and international practice, as well as through their participation in STS training courses and pre-STS-operation drills.

The Green Award Foundation is a dynamic supporter of this Forum, due to the fact that STS operations involve a high degree of risk for the stakeholders, the assets and the environment. The risk factor is twofold, as compared with the load operation of a vessel in any terminal, wherein there is only one vessel, the weather conditions are more favourable and the terminal staff most experienced.

Therefore, supporting a forum related to the best practices taken, to the high security and safety standards, to the environmental protection and to the exchange of knowledge on hazardous STS operations, is an action in line with the top priorities of the Green Award Foundation:

  • to motivate and reward improvements,
  • to empower and incite commitment to safety in shipping companies.


The volume of seaborne trade, from 9.84 billion tones in 2015, is expected to increase somewhere between 19 and 24 billion tones by 2030. As STS operations play an important role in global cargo transport, mainly due to additional flexibility that STS operations bring to charterers, it is easy to predict that we should be prepared for an enormous increase in such activities.

The more we get engaged  and the more we become aware of  the specifics and particularities, through experienced and focused professionals, such as team Dynamarine, the better we will conduct and carry out our business.

I’m looking forward to an interesting, constructive and fruitful Forum.

Thank you