Lubrication Engineers SA (South Eastern Europe) supports Green Award certified oceangoing ships

Athens, Greece (July 5 2017) – Lubrication Engineers SA offers Green Award certificate holders incentives for a range of products. Lubrication Engineers SA serving South Eastern Europe is a distributor of Lubrication Engineers International Ltd with their headquarters in Reading, U.K.
As of July 5 2017 Lubrication Engineers SA provides a 5% discount for Green Award certificate holders on all Lubrication Engineers, Viper, ARS (Asset Reliability Solutions) and OSEI (Oil Spill Eater Bioremediation Products) products and services. Proper lubrication and greasing of on board equipment is essential to safeguard the reliability of operations. LE’s range of high performance marine lubricants include Almatek®, Almagard® & Earthwise™ EAL Greases. The VIPER® MKII Wire Rope Lubricator provides fast and effective cleaning and lubricating of wire ropes which contributes to safe and reliable mooring of a ship. Due to the VIPER MKII physical characteristics, HS&E risks associated with manual lubrication are eliminated. The VIPER MKII Wire Rope Lubricator falls within the incentive program for Green Award certificate holders.
From left to right: Jan Fransen, Executive Director Green Award Foundation; Capt Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman Green Award Foundation; Alexander C. Doucakis, Managing Director Lubrication Engineers SA

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