Masters & Mates Union of Greek Merchant Marine go for Green Award

3 May, 2017, Rotterdam – the Greek Union of Masters and Mates embraces cooperation with Green Award

P.E.P.E.N., known internationally as Masters & Mates Union of Greek Merchant Marine, has demonstrated its solidarity with the Green Award foundation and its core values and joined the scheme as an incentive provider.

Green Award certifies ships and ship managers that demonstrate performance above and beyond the industry’s standards. Best practices and maintenance, human factor and emission reduction are amongst the required elements.

From left to right: Mr. Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman of Green Award Foundation; Mr. Manolis Tsikalakis, President of P.E.P.E.N.; Mr Jan Fransen, Executive Director of Green Award Foundation.

On 27 of April, onboard SS HELLAS LIBERTY at the Port of Piraeus, Green Award Chairman Capt Dimitrios Mattheou formally accepted Masters & Mates Union of Greek Merchant Marine to the Green Award scheme. Capt Manolis Tsikalakis, President of P.E.P.E.N., received a Green Award plaque.
The Masters & Mates Union is one of the oldest organizations of its kind, with over a hundred years of history, uniting over 5.000 members. In all these years, it has been dedicated to support of seafarers. Respect for human qualities and values, improvement of working conditions and protection of marine life and the environment are amongst the core values and objectives of the union. Actually, what we call Corporate Social Responsibility nowadays has been the union’s principle for many years. This is where values of both organisations meet.
Effective as of 27 of April, 2017, P.E.P.E.N. members (Masters, Chief Mates and Second Mates) who belong to companies and ships certified by Green Award Foundation are entitled to a 10% discount on the Union’s annual fees.
Captain Dimitrios Mattheou, Green Award Chairman, addressing the attendee said: “Having already celebrated 100 years (1916 – 2016) of successful activity, the Union has been and will be a major delegate of all Masters and Mates of Hellenic Citizenship, into any shipping-related treaty, either with state authorities or with international bodies.
Union’s presence and support, does not only rests with members’ interests and its presence into industry happenings, but goes deep into the community, through offers and solidarity actions and initiatives. The Hellenic Union of Ship Masters & Mates and Green Award scheme, share the same vision and focus their attention towards the safety and quality of seamen’s lives, the wellbeing of anyone involved into shipping services and the sustainability of the planet.”

One hundred years have elapsed since the founding of Masters & Mates Union of Greek Merchant Marine uniting over 5.000 members among which many Ship Owners prime movers of the Greek Shipping, and yet, the aims and objectives of its pioneers and founders still remain current and unchanged:
“Solidarity for the Greek Master – Moral and social support for its members – Respect for human qualities and values – Continuous training and education – Improvement of working conditions – Affection for the sea – Protection and safeguarding of the marine life and the environment in general. ”
The aforementioned principles describe precisely the free, yet responsible and sensitive spirit of the Greek Master and reflect the timeless story of the Greek shipping.–mates-union-of-greek-merchant-marine-go-for-green-award.html