GREEN4SEA Award Speech

Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentelmen,

It is with great honour and appreciation that I accept this award and I would like to thank the GREEN4SEA Team and the members of the commission, who selected me for being awarded.

My dear friend Giannis Chiotopoulos, introduced me with an array of values and attributes, which add precious weight  to the emotions that this award brings along.

After 35 years of personal and professional advancement, building my career in a variety of roles into shipping industry, I am currently holding the position of the Managing Director of ARCADIA SHIPMANAGEMENT,  which belong to the Angelopoulos family, who believed in me and trusted their Company’s progress to me.

All these years, I have been following the path of honesty, integrity and hard work, being flexible and responsive, focusing on the successful execution of each assignment.

On December 2015, I was offered the honorable position of the Chairman of the GREEN AWARD organization, widely known for providing high quality services and comprehensive requirements, towards the enhancement of safety and environmental standards in the shipping industry.

Being promoted to the challenging position of chairman, along with the Green Award committee members, we defined the priorities and determined the strategy, assisting Shipping Companies and Ports in risk reduction and advising for the preparation of the upcoming requirements and challenges.

As a result, new Shipping Companies and numerous industry-related Organizations have joinned since then the GREEN AWARD family.

Green Award will continue to lend a helping hand, to Ship Owners, Port Managers and Charterers, so as to reduce risks of safety and environmental-related incidents and accidents, to avoid security breaches and to comply with emission regulations.

I look to the future with optimism and respect for the Green Award Foundation.

We will continue to broaden the values and ideas that build safety and environmental excellence, applying effective management systems, which consistently achieve reliable and environmental incident-free performance.

I would like at this point to express my gratitude and respect to all those who contributed to my successful achievements, especially to Mr Konstantinos Angelopoulos and his sons, Panagiotis and George Angelopoulos, for their support through all the years I work close to them.

Furthermore I would like to render my thanks and appreciation to the Green Award Committee and the Board of Experts, for our continuous co-operation towards the development of the latent potential of the Green Award programme, aiming to the mutual benefit of the Shipowner Certificate Holders, the Incentive Providers and the users of the GREEN AWARD ships, who recognise the GREEN AWARD as a tool to pursue excellence.

My willingness and my continuous effort will be, to keep on serving and supporting consistently the maritime sector, to prove capable towards the ones who trust and invest in me and to motivate the younger ones, through my unimpaired behaviour and character.

Many thanks to all.