GREEN4SEA announced the winners of the 2017 GREEN4SEA Awards at a prestigious awards ceremony which took place one night before the 2017 GREEN4SEA Conference, on April 4th at the Yacht Club of Greece. The GREEN4SEA Awards were awarded to organizations that demonstrated outstanding performance within the scope of fostering Environmental Excellence & Sustainable Shipping following an open nomination process.


During our business career, there are a few – maybe a handful of encounters which stay as a precious memory and follow us for the rest of our lives.

I met the winner of this prestigious award almost one and a half year ago.

During that meeting all the values of what I was brought up and nourished in my company like:

  • commitment to excellence
  • dedication to the goals set
  • passion to serve the industry and preserve life and assets at sea

were honestly and vigorously thrown on the table and immediately a warm relation was created.

These feelings were enhanced each time we met afterwards and made me feel that the winner except of an excellent partner he was and is a friend.

His appointment as Chairman of Green Awards Scheme and his passionate engagement was only proof of all above.

During his chairmanship, he played a very important role on adding more value for its stakeholders, expanding further the scheme and increasing the involvement of certificate holders and incentive providers (including DNVGL as the first, Class Society to receive the Green Award).

So, with great pride and honour, I would like to ask my friend Dimitris to come and receive his so well deserved prize.

Ioannis Chiotopoulos
Regional Manager South East Europe & Middle East