Maran Tankers Management commits its newbuilds to Green Award


Maran Tankers Management fleet committed to highest quality standards, received the Green Award certificate also on its 3rd VLCC new building.

As the Maran Arete, has successfully passed the survey onboard and obtained the Green Award certificate. The ship with a 318.850 deadweight tons capacity, was delivered in October 2016.
The identical sister vessels namely Maran Arete and Maran Ariadne both also received the Green Award certificate in Nov 27, 2016 and in Jan 31, 2017 respectively.

Maran Tankers Management takes Corporate Social Responsibility in maritime shipping very seriously. The company is known for its commitment to safe and efficient operations. All the new builds are eco-friendly, Maran ensures implementation of high safety standards and minimized environmental impact by managerial, operational and specific ship design features. The complete fleet of Maran Tankers is managed in the most efficient manner by a team of professionals and operates in accordance with the best practices portraying excellence in shipping. It is not surprising that almost all oil tankers managed by Maran hold the Green Award certificate.

To meet Green Award certification requirements, a ship must prove her excellent performance. She must be beyond the industry standards in terms of equipment, layout, safety, emissions’ levels and management. 19 oil tankers of the Maran fleet have succeeded in meeting these requirements and successfully passed the Green Award survey onboard. They have been awarded the Green Award certificate, which entitles managers and owners to a range of benefits and incentives.

The Maran Athena had an audit onboard in Rotterdam by a Green Award surveyor. The Ship was inspected and found in excellent shape and fully in compliance with the Green Award requirements.

Executive Director Jan Fransen praises Maran Tankers engagement with the quality scheme. “Maran Tankers Management entered the Green Award scheme shortly after its inception. They have been our certificate holders since 1996 and we have witnessed through the years their rise to one of the most distinguished ship managers and providing excellent transportation services. Since their first entry into the scheme, Maran Tankers have been raising the bar on quality and safety in keeping with continuously updated Green Award requirements. Maran Tankers Management is a great example of socially responsible world-class provider of ship management services. They have strong vision on how the successful transporter of the future should operate”