DANAOS Management Consultants launches discounts for Green Award certificate holders
17 November, 2016, ATHENS – Green Award new incentive provider is DANAOS Management Consultants, a company that offers specialized software for shipping.
The cooperation was announced during a welcome ceremony held on 11 November in Athens, Greece. Green Award chairman Mr. Dimitrios Mattheou handed over the Green Award plaque to Mr. Dimitris Theodossiou, co-founder and Managing Director of DANAOS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS S.A (DANAOS), commemorating official acceptance of DANAOS as a new incentive provider.
Green Award is a quality mark for ships and ship managers that go beyond statutory regulations in terms of safety, quality and the environmental awareness. The Green Award scheme links ships with superior performance and technologies with ports and maritime service/products suppliers, who want to encourage excellence in shipping. Maritime companies and ports provide incentives to ships with the Green Award certificate. With the incentive effective 11th November 2016, DANAOS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS joins the world-wide network of more than 80 Green Award incentive providers.

From left to right: Mr. Jan Fransen, Executive Director of the Green Award Foundation; Mr. Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman of the Green Award Foundation; Mr. Dimitrios Theodossiou, Managing Director of Danaos Management Conslutants

With over 30 years of operations, DANAOS pioneers within the maritime industry domain providing well-integrated and easily accessible, secure ship management software solutions that take full account of the operational and technical dimensions of each client. Incorporating streaming analytics, DANAOS, brings big data essence in your current IT solutions. Green Award certificate holders are entitled to a 10% discount on all DANAOS product licenses and services and to one year free subscription for DanaosONE™ Platform. DanaosONE™ is a professional B2B versatile e-servicing Platform that seamlessly and securely integrates with internal operational, safety systems & compliance policies of users. DanaosONE™ Platform enables collaboration among trusted parties (B2B) without storing any information into cloud and enhancing the Bring Your Own Device concept (mobility).
“I strongly believe on collaboration and incentives like Green Awards. In this essence DANAOS technology can potentially integrate all Green Award members for the mutual benefit in efficiency, economy, quality and seaworthy shipping, says Mr. Theodossiou, Managing Director of DANAOS.
“It is impossible to imagine the shipping industry these days without information technology solutions. Databases and online platforms enhance information and data exchange in the maritime industry, allow making of fast and right decisions and encourage easier cooperation of parties. They are an integral part of many shipping businesses,” says Mr. Mattheou, chairman of Green Award. “I am glad that DANAOS Management Consultants has joined the Green Award scheme, entitling our certificate holders to favorable prices if they choose to add DanaosONE™ Platform to their IT solutions package.“

About DANAOS Management Consultants http://www.danaos.gr
DANAOS is at the forefront of the maritime industry, providing the broadest portfolio of ship management, operations, commercial, technical, financial and business intelligence solutions available in the market.
Driving IT evolution towards technological excellence for any kind of an Organization requires comprehensive understanding on the current trends of the business domain (maritime) and insight diagnostics of the existing technological infrastructure. DANAOS Solutions embark on digital transformation, based on well acknowledged international methodologies, strict scheduling and availability of highly qualified resources.
With more than 500 customers and 5000 vessels, our team of domain experts, combined with our development frameworks, have an unparalleled ability to address industry requirements at both a global and local level. We connect systems, collect data and create intelligent information to drive smarter business decisions.
DANAOS was founded by Messrs. John Coustas and Dimitris Theodossiou in Greece in 1986, aiming in the continuous provision of well-integrated and easily accessible, secure, information technology solutions that take full account of the operational and technical dimensions of the maritime industry. With over 30 years of operations, worldwide, we are pioneering in terms of continuous researching and developing new software products that yield to high ROI for our customers as we provide intuitiveness, confidentiality and constant support.
DANAOS latest Multimedia UI guarantees the best user experience enabling the user to tailor made dashboards, reports, manuals etc.