SetelHellas is a new Incentive Provider of Green Award

Athens, Wednesday, the 08th of June 2016 – The handover of the Green Award board ceremony was conducted on Tuesday, the 07th of June, 2016 at SetelHellas’ stand, No 1.120, Hall 1 at Posidonia Exhibition. During the ceremony, SetelHellas  officially became a new incentive provider of Green Award.


SetelHellas Speech (about 3.5 minutes)

7th of June, at 17.30; present on behalf of SetelHellas George Marinakis, Managing Director

Dear Mr. Marinakis,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am honored to see you all here.

We have gathered here to affirm cooperation between SetelHellas and the Green Award Foundation.

Environmental protection and safety at sea pose challenges to the entire maritime industry.

While international laws and regulations set minimum requirements for ships, we all know that there are ships that voluntarily go far beyond the statutory standards.

I am talking about ships that put efforts in ensuring higher standards of safety and quality and better protection of the environment.

These ships deserve to be recognized and rewarded. How?

The Green Award scheme offers a solution.

Through Green Award – a certification scheme for sea-going and inland navigation ships that strive for excellence and meet stringer requirements than the statutory regulations – the maritime industry itself can deal with safety and environmental issues.

The industry’s stakeholders can help to eliminate sub-standard shipping, motivate for less emissions and higher quality of operations.

All these can be achieved by using Green Award as a platform.

Today SetelHellas has joined Green Award as an incentive provider.

SetelHellas is a provider of leading ICT solutions for the maritime and offshore vertical businesses. IT solutions are an integral part of the today’s maritime business.

The products designed by SetelHellas contribute to the efficiency of daily operations and include ship and shore communication interface, ship performance monitoring tools including MRV application, and a remote medical solution.

We are pleased that Green Award certificate holders can benefit from discounts on these products.

Thank you for your support and welcome to the Green Award family!