LPG carriers get an opportunity to be awarded with Green Award certificate

The Green Award Foundation, which certifies ships that significantly surpass minimum required industry standards, has added a new sector to its certification programmes’ portfolio. A certification programme for LPG carriers has been launched. From the 1st of April, 2016, fully refrigerated LPG carriers from 20,000 m3 are eligible for Green Award certification.

The LPG certification program adds to already existing certification programmes for oil and chemical tankers, bulk, container and LNG carriers and inland navigation ships. This programme comes as a result of demands by the industry. After tremendous cooperation from various stakeholders, Green Award is proud to announce the launch of the LPG carriers certification programme.

Due to significant interest from the LPG sector the programme’s launch has been marked by the very first LPG carrier office having been already audited and certified. Consolidated Marine Management Inc. from Greece
is the first Green Award LPG certificate holder that met the new requirements. An official ceremony took place on the 1st of April in Athens. Green Award’s Chairman Captain Dimitrios Mattheou and Executive Director Jan Fransen handed over the Green Award board to Kostas G. Vlachos, COO of Consolidated Marine Management.

Mr. Petros Vikos – HSQEEn Manager, DPA/DMR / Consolidated Marine Management, Kostas G. Vlachos – Chief Operating Officer / Consolidated Marine Management, Capt. Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman / Green Award Foundation; Jan Fransen, Executive Director / Green Award Foundation; Mr. Antonios Georgantzis – Technical Manager, Consolidated Marine Management

The cooperation of the stakeholders in the LPG transport sector with Bureau Green Award resulted in the set of requirements which was fully reviewed and approved by the Board of Experts and Committee. Amongst the main topics relevant for LPG carriers that the bureau added/amended, are:
– Enclosed space entry
– Medical tests on effects from cargoes
– Cargo operations and cargo related safety instructions
– Training / Courses for Personnel
– Additional Green Award Requirements (insulation / heat loss)

The requirements for the LPG carriers’ programme are based on the Green Award’s stringent and challenging yet achievable requirements (version 2013). They are cross-referenced with those of oil tankers, chemical tankers and LNG carriers. These new LPG requirements are even taken a step further. They include elements of upcoming requirements 2016, which are imminent to be released for all ship types. They include Noise and Vibration Management, Waste Management / Garbage Handling Onboard, STCW related elements (incl. Fatigue Management), Navigation and ECDIS and Sulphur Content of Fuel.

The input and support from the stakeholders throughout the entire process of developing and launching of the project was invaluable and the final result could not have been achieved without them. Green Award sincerely thanks all parties involved!