Green Award Foundation received the GREEN4SEA Initiative Award

On the 6th of April, 2016, at the Green4Sea Conference & Awards 2016 event, Green Award received the Green4Sea Initiative Award. This award is given for the contribution in initiatives fostering environmental sustainability in the shipping industry.

The 2016 GREEN4SEA Conference & Awards is a pro bono event that was held in Athens and attracted 950 delegates from 20 countries representing a total of 400 organizations. Six panels of 25 global experts focused on green shipping issues and latest developments regarding the Ballast Water Management, Energy Efficiency, MRV Regulation for the shipping emissions. The Green4Sea Initiative Award went to Green Award.

Green Award Foundation is an independent and non-profit organization that since 1994 has been motivating for the highest standards of quality and safety in shipping. The Green Award scheme is unique as it brings together ship managers, owners, ports and maritime service providers committed to reduction of their environmental footprint and to meeting standards that go beyond statutory requirements. All participants support each other through the scheme, working towards sustainable, safe and environmentally-friendly future. Our Planet and the people are the main priority of the Green Award Foundation. Green Award provides a platform for the cross-sectorial collaboration of the industry and for the industry-wide Corporate Social Responsibility implementation. It also covers a wide range of items: from emissions and maintenance to the human element and new technologies. Green Award ships score high in all categories.

On the photo from left to right: Jan Fransen, Executive Director / Green Award Foundation; Apostolos Belokas, Principal Consultant & CEO / SQE Marine Group, founder and Managing Editor of Safety4Sea/Green4Sea; Capt. Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman / Green Award Foundation.

Green Award was nominated for the Green4Sea Initiative Award by the industry. Industry stakeholders voted for the Green Award scheme making it the winner. Other short-listed nominees for this category were: Blue World, International Windship Association, Poseidon Med and Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel.

Green Award’s chairman Capt. Mattheou and executive director Jan Fransen accepted the award on behalf of the Foundation. In his speech Capt. Mattheou thanked everyone who had made Green Award’s victory possible and said, “Ship managers, ports, maritime service providers and charterers work together through Green Award for the best results to benefit safety, to ensure quality and to achieve environmental excellence. Their collaboration is what makes Green Award a special initiative!”
Mr. Fransen added, “We certify ships and ship managers with outstanding performance. With Green Award certificate they show: excellence is their second nature. But it is our incentive providers: ports and maritime service companies that make it all possible. Their rewards – incentives – motivate to strive for excellence.”

The Green Award Foundation is honoured to receive this award. Green, safe and sustainable future of the Planet and the People remain the Foundation’s priority!