EPE (Environmental Protection Engineering) S.A. and ERMA FIRST S.A. become Incentive Providers of Green Award Foundation

EPE (Environmental Protection Engineering) S.A. and ERMA FIRST S.A. are proud to announce their participation in the Green Award Foundation as incentive providers, as of April 2016.

The handover ceremony took place on the 31st of March, in Piraeus, in the head offices of EPE, where Capt. Dimitrios Mattheou, chairman of Green Award Foundation and Jan Fransen, Executive Director of the Green Award, recognized EPE and ERMA FIRST as incentive providers of the foundation. Mr. Athanassios Polychronopoulos, Vice President & Global Development Manager received the honors for EPE, whereas Messrs. Christos Tsitselis, Sales Manager and Nikos Kyritsis, Technical Product Manager, for ERMA FIRST.
Green Award Foundation in a neutral, independent and non-profit organization established in 1994. Green Award provides a platform for the cross-sectorial collaboration of the industry. Ports, ship managers, charterers, maritime service providers and industry decision makers form a network where all participants have an important role. The organization’s goal is to develop the market sensitivity and preference for quality tonnage and consequently decrease the incidents and accidents that are harmful for the marine environment through uniting all parties involved.

From left to right: Ms. Giota Polychronopoulou, Polyeco S.A.; Mr. Giannis Polychronopoulos, EPE S.A.; Ms. Arzoumanidou Caterina, EPE S.A. Corporate Attorney; Mr. Chalarakis Εleutherios, Polyeco S.A. General Manager; Mr. Danellis George, Polyeco S.A. Commercial Dpt. Manager;  Mr. Jan Fransen, Green Award Foundation Executive Director; Mr. Mamaloukas Vasileios, EPE S.A. Pollution Dpt. Manager; Ms. Helen Polychronopoulou, ERMA FIRST S.A.; Capt. Dimitrios Mattheou, Green Award Foundation Chairman; Mr. Christos Tsitselis, ERMA FIRST S.A. Sales Manager; Mr. Fotis Ploumitsakos, EPE S.A. Naval Architect & Mechanical Engineer, Research, Development & Engineering Dept.; Mr. Nikos Kyritsis, ERMA FIRST S.A. Technical Product Manager; Mr. John Korovesis, EPE S.A. Sales Manager; Mr. Iasonas Lainos, EPE S.A. Project Manager/ Marine Environment Protection Dpt.; Mr. Papatzanakis George , EPE S.A. Marine Environment Protection Dpt.; Mr. Bathrellos Lampros, EPE S.A. Port Reception Facilities Manager; Mr. Chatzatoglou Konstastinos, EPE S.A. Service Engeneer / Marine Environment Protection Dpt.; Mr. Artemakis George, EPE S.A. Marine Environment Protection Dpt.; Ms. Chara Chourdaki, EPE S.A. Chemical Engineer / Marine Environment Protection Dpt.

Mr. J. Fransen, Executive Director, and Mr. K. Shinohara, Certification Manager of Green Award Foundation visited the companies’ premises in December in order to discuss the possibility of becoming incentive providers. With great honor and joy we are in the position to announce that EPE and ERMA FIRST will be part of Green Award Foundation providing the following incentives:
EPE as an incentive provider of Green Award Foundation will be providing to all certified companies and ships a 5% discount of the listed price on POSEIDON EVO and POSEIDON I, a 10% discount on Inventory Hazardous Materials (IHM), a 25% discount on a training course on Spill Response, under the topic “Oil Spill Awareness” and last but not least, a free of charge “Environmental Compliance and Performance Consultancy and Training Program”.
Whereas, ERMA FIRST will be providing to all certified companies and ships a 5% discount on ERMA FIRST’s ESK Engineering Solutions S.A., IMO/ USCG certified, Ballast Water Treatment System and a free of charge BWTS shipboard training session, that will cover BWTS current legislation, installation, operation, sampling, maintenance and testing per ship.
Both companies are headquartered in Greece and serve globally.
EPE counts over 40 years in the Marine & Industrial sector investing in research, development and implementation of new technologies. EPE has developed innovative machinery for water treatment & environmental response services.
ERMA FIRST was established for the purpose of providing to the marine, shipping and shipbuilding industry worldwide turnkey environmental solutions, through the innovative ERMA FIRST Ballast Water Treatment System.