HudsonAnalytix BecomesFirst U.S. Green Award Incentive Provider

Philadelphia, PA – HudsonAnalytix (, an international marine risk management consultancy, has become the first U.S. company to be named an Incentive Provider for the international Green Award ( The Green Award Foundation certifies maritime shipping companies and vessels that exceed legally required standards in terms of environment, safety and quality of operations. Incentive Providers recognize and reward the efforts of Green Award certificate holders by offering them an exclusive savings on services.

The designation became official on March 3 at a ceremony held in the offices of HudsonAnalytix in Camden attended by Capt. Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman of the Green Award Foundation, the nonprofit certifying organization, and Jan Fransen, Executive Director of the Green Award.

From left to right: Keita Shinohara, Green Award Foundation, Certification Manager,
Per W. Christensen, HudsonAnalytix Chairman, Cynthia A. Hudson, HudsonAnalytix CEO, Capt. Dimitrios Mattheou, Green Award Foundation Chairman, Jan Fransen, Green Award Foundation Executive Director and Marc E. Smith, HudsonAnalytix COO

HudsonAnalytix CEO Cynthia A. Hudson said, “At HudsonAnalytix we help our clients navigate the technical, operational, commercial, regulatory and environmental challenges facing our industry. Therefore, we are very proud to become a Green Award Incentive Provider to promote best practices. The Green Award fits perfectly with our mission and demonstrates the commitment to high operational standards of clean and safe shipping that we and our clients support.”

Green Award certified companies and/or ships are entitled to a 10% savings on selected services provided by HudsonAnalytix, Inc., and/or any of its five (5) divisions, Hudson Marine Management Services, HudsonTrident, HudsonSystems, HudsonTactix, and HudsonDynamix.

Capt. Mattheou commented, “We congratulate HudsonAnalytix for having the vision to become the first Incentive Provider in the U.S. We hope this will encourage other U.S. maritime shippers and service providers to embrace the Green Award program and its benefits of cleaner, safer and environmentally sound shipping.”

HudsonAnalytix offers comprehensive services to help clients meet their regulatory, commercial and operational needs efficiently, effectively and profitably in today’s technically complex and environmentally sensitive world. Services include international maritime security and risk management, cyber security, emergency response, software implementation, claims and consequence management, and maritime training programs.