DYNAMARINe to reward Green Award vessels

Green Award certified vessels will be rewarded with a 5% discount by DYNAMARINe – a maritime consultancy company and the developer of the unique onlineSTS.net service.

Green Award certifies ships that go beyond statutory regulations in terms of safety, quality and environmental-friendly behavior. Only vessels that have taken that extra step to surpass the legally set industry standards and thus have minimized their environmental impact and implemented additional high safety and quality norms can obtain the Green Award certificate. DYNAMARINe wants to award these ships and stimulate them for further improvement. To demonstrate their support to the sustainable approach in shipping, DYNAMARINe will provide a 5% discount on its services to Green Award certified ships starting from the 1st January, 2016.

Dr. Stelios Perissakis, Director (DYNAMARINe); Dr. Alexandros Glykas, Director (DYNAMARINe); Jan Fransen, Executive Director (Green Award Foundation) and Capt. Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman of the Green Award Foundation

DYNAMARINe provides high quality consultancy services associated with technical studies, statutory compliance issues, condition surveys and risk management to the maritime community. The directors share the belief that organizations such as DYNAMARINe and the Green Award have the capacity in enhancing safety and quality standards for ship owners and their vessels with objective means that do not hinder commercial interests. Instead, their procedures, methods and advices, provide a commercial advantage and support of the well established reputation of prudent ship owners that share their vision and enthusiasm. DYNAMARINe are known for their specialized software and online platforms such as onlineSTS.net, Emission Monitoring System and an online training platform. The onlineSTS.net platform and accompanying procedures of customer vessels in the screening and risk assessment is a pioneering service that assist shipowners in exercise of due diligence to the best possible extend as well as providing justified STS record keeping, beyond minimum statutory requirements.

DYNAMARINe corroborated their decision to support Green Award ships with their expertise at an official ceremony in Greece. On the 10th of December, 2015, DYNAMARINe Management Dr. Alexandros Glykas and Dr. Stylianos Perissakis accepted a Green Award plaque from Captain Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman of the Green Award Foundation. Green Award is pleased to see this new incentive made available to its certificate holders, which again is another “feather in their cap”.

from left to right standing: Ilias Mpisias, Director of Gratia Publications, Panagiotarakou Aggeliki, Administration of DYNAMARINe, Dimitris Vourlidis, Director of MARPO Marine, Panagiotis Vourlidis, Insurance Broker of MINIMAR S.A., Vasilis Chatzikomnitsas, Operator of DYNAMARINe, Onyk Chatsikian, Trainee Operator of DYNAMARINe, Capt. Spyros Ritsinias, Operator of THENAMARIS Ships Management, Anargyros Zenios, Operator of DYNAMARINe, Capt. George Vasilakis, General Manager of OPTIMUM Ship Management, George Belalis, Web Developer of DYNAMARINe, Eleutheria Kakitsi, Trainee of DYNAMARINe, Pantelis Kolakis, Head Operator of DYNAMARINe, Ioannis Giannakopoulos, Senior Web Developer of DYNAMARINe, Michael Vourlides, Director of MINIMAR S.A., Panagiotis Mitrou, Senior Client Support Manager of Lloyds Register, Capt. Dimitrios Matthaiou, Managing Director of ARCADIA Ship Management, Chairman of the Green Award Foundation, Karen Kokabi, founder and managing partner at BLUE SHIP, George Papaioannou, Project Manager of DYNAMARINe, Jan Fransen, Managing Director of Green Award Foundation, Captain Costantinos Lazandreas, Vetting Director from Maran Tankers Management, Captain George Asteros, Operations Director of Maran Tankers Management, Nicky Papadakis, Emeritus President of INTERCARGO, Director of A.G. Papadakis, Mrs Chrystiana Prekezes, Head of maritime training center of HELMEPA, Ioannis Vourlidis, Sales Manager of MARPO, Keita Shinohara, Certification Manager of Green Award Foundation.
Sitting in front: Stelios Perissakis (Left) & Alexandros Glykas (Right), Directors of DYNAMARINe holding the award plaque from the Green Award

The photo is taken by Mrs Annita Pataria, Communications Specialist of Lloyds Register

DYNAMARINe provides high quality consultancy services to the maritime community. It has services associated with technical studies, statutory compliance issues, condition surveys and risk management. It has also the experience to undertake specialized and innovative projects, supported also with a strong in-house software developing team.

DYNAMARINe team has experience in Ship Management of General Cargoes and Tanker Vessels. It offers a wide range of services on a consultancy basis such as vessel inspections, valuations, physical auditing etc. A strong asset of the company is the development of customised software for various maritime organisations. The company is developing specialised shipping software and information systems such as onlineSTS.net, Emission, myfleet360.net etc. DYNAMARINe has also experience in the development of policies which integrate the “due diligence” and “continuous improvement” concepts. There is particular experience in management of STS operations, from the ship vetting point of view.